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Posted by on Jun 11, 2017 in Blog | 1 comment

Crakrevenue Review

Crakrevenue Review

The Ultimate Crakrevenue Review

Since you’ve come across this blog post I’m going to assume you have already heard of this network and were looking for a Crakrevenue review. I’ve searched the web far and wide, and was surprised to have not found a thorough analysis of Crakrevenue. So, you know what? I decided I would fill that void for you guys to give you all a better idea of what to expect.

What is Crakrevenue?

This Crakrevenue review is going to be the ultimate guide on the subject, so bear with me here. First off, is an affiliate network that has earned a rep by having, let’s say, “adult content” related offers – to keep things as simple as possible.

With that being said, keep in mind that this is not to cut them short in any way. In all actuality, there is quite a huge variety of offers that you can promote and earn money with. They have everything from background checks to nutritional products, as well as cam show websites among many more offers. It’s safe to say that you can basically find it all on the Crakrevenue platform.

They have been around as a company for a very long time now. Not just that, but they are also very active on marketing forums telling others about the opportunities they offer and answering questions people have about their platform. This really is a huge plus because some affiliate companies like to play “hard to get” as a method of them not having to be accountable for their decisions. Since Crakrevenue is open and upfront, it gives them a more approachable appeal and makes them more responsible for any problems faced.

When you find yourself having to make a decision between choosing between one affiliate network over another, picking the one that’s more open to dialogue and questions is absolutely a  no brainer. Making money online can be confusing in the first place as there happens to be a lot of grey area. This is the main reason why that working with the company that’s open to dialogue, problem solving, and is in general just more so professional is always going to be the better choice.

Which Offers Are Best?

I personally have found the most success with promoting cam show websites. While promoting adult content might seem weird to you,  let’s face the facts – sending bulk traffic (of mostly men) to a free cam show is a guaranteed recipe for success. This is just because of the nature of men to be more inclined to engage with this kind of content.

If you’re interested in knowing, the way I created my traffic consisted of a multi faceted effort. I used a few methods which included video marketing, social media outreach, and landing page style websites. This combination of traffic generating properties has earned me thousands over the past 2 years or so.

The offers that you succeed with will depend on a multitude of factors. In an effort to help you figure that out, let’s get some bullet points going.

  • Do you have any pre-built websites that you could pitch an offer on?
  • Do you have any popular social media pages that could convince their following to convert?
  • Are you particularly interested in any subjects you find offers for on Crakrev?
  • Are you a specialist or expert on any of the subjects you find offers for on Crakrev?
  • Do you have bulk traffic generation skills? Or niche traffic generation skills?
  • Do you have the skills to build web properties for these affiliate offers?

If you none of those points apply to you, there is no need to panic. These are just things to keep in mind. Believe me, traffic can be a lot easier to get than you think. Don’t over-think it and make it harder on yourself than it has to be!

crackrevenue review

crackrevenue review

What’s My Favorite Way To Generate Traffic and Make Money?

Okay, so if you don’t exactly know how to generate traffic for your offers yet, you are not alone and you are definitely not out of luck. In fact, one of the main things that makes Crakrevenue such a great affiliate network is the fact that they are lenient about how you can generate traffic. Some affiliate websites have strict guidelines and you can find yourself getting kicked off the platform for minor mistakes.

However, this does NOT mean that you should ever cheat in any way. Cheating affiliate networks is a big mistake that you should always avoid. Your name can get blacklisted quickly in the affiliate network industry, making it hard for you to have access to all kinds of opportunities with other networks down the line. Just remember, if you cheat then you will most likely be caught, and never even get paid since you’ve proved yourself to be untrustworthy. Take it form me and just don’t try it. You should always want to do things the right way when it comes to making some serious cash.

One of my favorite ways to pitch Crakrevenue offers is with video marketing, which is a method I’ve mentioned previously. People generally prefer to consume video content over other types because it’s just flat out easier. Videos involve less reading, less thinking, and it’s simply just more entertaining. Think about what kind of content the people are into the most, and you’ll realize videos are one of the things most people spend their free time watching.

What’s so great is that you can literally market videos across the web. Now I’m not going to list every video website on the internet for you, simply because that would be a terribly long list. But rest assured, you can easily find  a list of sites that allow free video uploads. If you can make a entertaining video that pitches your link, and then spread these videos out across multiple video hosting websites, you WILL see money coming your way. Does that sound simple enough? It sure is!

I’ll list some simple ideas on what type of videos you can make below.

  • Go on Fiverr and hire a cute girl to pitch your affiliate link for you (this is easy cash and it should cost you about $5)
  • Make a cool video yourself with your Iphone, Android, Windows phone, etc. It doesn’t have to be fancy!
  • Get creative and edit together pieces of royalty free videos from the internet.
  • Use text or royalty free images to create a slideshow. There’s always a way to make content out of royalty free goodies.

These are just some basic ideas on what you can do with video marketing, and as you can tell, it’s a lot easier than you’d believe. In less than 20-30 minutes, you can have yourself a good quality video to promote your Crakrevenue affiliate.

What Are Other Ways To Generate Traffic To Send Crakrevenue?

Some people are just not into the whole video marketing method. If video marketing happens to not be your style, you can generate traffic to send to your offers in many other ways. A favorite of people who make bank with CrakRev is using the social networks Tumblr or Twitter for traffic. So why Tumblr and Twitter you ask? Simple – it’s because they both allow adult content for the most part.

When you consider that many people who use Crakrevenue are inclined to market adult affiliate offers, it would make sense as to why they prefer to use social networks that are cool with that type of content. It just makes sense to go where you are wanted so you can reap the benefits. Trying to force it on Facebook will only end up with you ruining your page’s reputation and you’ll possibly get banned, making your time and work wasted.

There are a lot of ways you can take to marketing on Twitter and Tumblr; let me list them below.

  • Create a “hot” or “sexy” niche account that posts suggestive content, then occasionally share your offers. You don’t want to make every single post an offer, otherwise you will be seen as spam.
  • Automate an army of accounts to share your affiliate offers and make bank. This is more of a mass approach, also known as a churn and burn.
  • Create a brand and website, send social traffic, then redirect your website to the affiliate offer (my method).
  • Just pose as yourself and pitch your link to your fans, friends, etc (not for everyone).

Using A Website For Traffic

This is one that I really don’t do much, but this article you are reading is actually an example of this method. By reading this blog post your are essentially a part of my own marketing campaign. By the way, make sure you sign up to via my affiliate link here since I’m helping you out!

See? That’s basically how using a website for your traffic works (seriously though sign up through my affiliate link). If you create a website focused around your niche, you can get niche traffic and that will greatly help your conversion rates. A good example is if you are pitching the nutrition offers, you could make a website focused on health and fitness.

Having your own website is a great way so that when you are pitching an offer, it doesn’t feel so weird, and it just naturally fits into the content/niche. If you are pitching a dating offer, then you may want to build a site focused on helping people with their relationships. You’ll be surprised with how much money you can make if you find a niche market and hit them with the right offer.

Is Crakrevenue Hard To Get Accepted To?

In my experience Crakrevenue was not hard to get accepted to. I just filled in the form honestly and waited for a day or two, then before I knew it I was accepted into the network. In fact, Crakrevenue was the first affiliate network that accepted me – and I was just an inexperienced marketer back then! They gave me a chance and they always have a place in my heart for that.

What Are The Benefits Of Crakrevenue?

The network is great and they have a great support team that can help you with your questions. Their newsletter emails are awesome and their blog has great tips and tricks on how to make more money. The network also has something called a “smartlink” where you can essentially just send all your traffic and they will optimize it for you.

Optimization is easily done with the ability to send people from different countries to different offers. They attempt to get the most money per visitor with their own intelligent system. It’s a pretty cool feature for someone just starting out, or someone with a lot of traffic in various countries/niches.

Crakrevenue can pay you in a couple different ways, including checks which is what I personally choose. It’s awesome getting their check monthly from Quebec, Canada. I love the feeling of taking it to the bank and getting that sweet, sweet passive income.


In conclusion give this network a try, don’t overthink it because overthinking can be a detriment to your success. Just click here and sign up, once you get accepted use the methods I listed above and you will be on your way to making money. Passive income is something everyone should have in their life, it makes things easier for you, both mentally and physically. So what do you have to lose? Give them a shot they really are a great affiliate network.

If you enjoyed my Crakrevenue review please sign up via my affiliate link by clicking the official Crakrevenue banner below, it’s all I ask of you for this article I hope helped you out. Thanks you so much for reading, I wish you great luck on your money making journey!

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  1. I loved the text very clear, besides the fivver has the konker, my favorite way to earn income is working with mini sites.

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